Facts about the municipality of Tranemo

Welcome to Tranemo Municipality

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Area : 744 km2

Population : almost 12,000, approximately 16 inhabitants / km2

Villages : Tranemo, Limmared, Länghem, Dalstorp, Grimsås, Ambjörnarp, Ljungsarp, Uddebo, Sjötofta, Nittorp, Ölsremma, Hulared and Månstad.

Nearest town : Borås, 40 km

Nearest city : Gothenburg, 100 km

International port : Gothenburg, 100 km

International airport : Landvetter, Gothenburg, 90 km

Services municipal


Municipal nursery schools and infant / primary schools are to be found in most villages. The secondary school and high school are in Tranemo. There is also an adult education college and a Learning Center.

Accommodation for the elderly

Municipal accommodation for the elderly in different forms is available in five of the villages in the area.

Culture and leisure

There is a main library and a traveling library, which stops at several places throughout the area. There is also a culture and performing arts center with a variety of specializations. There is a swimming pool, gymnasium and two sports halls in Tranemo and smaller sports halls in Dalstorp, Grimsås, Limmared and Länghem. The Tourist Office is open all year round.

Other social services

Healthcare The region operates a health center, a dental center and several district nurse clinics.


There is a good range of retail and service facilities in the main center, Tranemo. There are supermarkets, clothes stores, a bookshop, a sports shop, hairdressers, banks, an off-license, a chemist, a private gym, restaurants, cafes, hamburger stands, pizzerias, a paint shop, a gift shop, florists and much more.

There is good access to tradesmen, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, flooring specialists, vehicle workshops and many more.

Labor market

Manufacturing industry dominates the area. Over 50% of the jobs are found in the various manufacturing sectors, including engineering, sawmills, wood processing, textiles, glassworks and bathroom and kitchen manufacturing. The level of employment for both women and men is higher than the national average. The labor market has been very good for many years thanks to the strong industrial companies in the area, offering a good blend of international conglomerates and family-owned companies. There are also many job opportunities in the public sector, particularly in childcare, schools and eldercare.

Leisure and associations

Tranemo is an area with a wide variety of associations. There is an association to cater for almost every interest – sports, culture, politics – as well as religious organizations, associations for the disabled, organizations for retired people, nature associations, hunting groups and village associations to name but a few.

There is a rich cultural life and several established artists live in the area. The culture and performing arts center is a source of pleasure for lots of people with its many and varied events and performances. There are also excellent sports facilities, owned both by associations and by the municipal authority. These include a swimming pool, a sports hall and gym, an ice rink, artificial snow skiing, riding facilities and water skiing. There are football pitches in almost every village as well as illuminated ski tracks and walking paths. There is a cinema in Tranemo.

In Tranemo you are never far away from the forest, countryside and water in all its forms. The excellent natural amenities offer opportunities for outdoor pursuits, ranging from fishing and cycling to canoeing and hiking.

Housing and communications

The Municipality of Tranemo offers the many advantages of a small municipality. Most things are close at hand. Here you can buy somewhere to live at a reasonable price. There is also a good range of homes for rent, owned both by the municipal housing company Tranemobostäder and a number of private landlords.

In Limmared there is a rail link to Borås and Gothenburg to the west and Kalmar and Karlskrona to the east. The R27 road cuts through the municipality, allowing you to travel quickly and conveniently westwards and southwest down to Småland. Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg and the airport in Jönköping are both just one hour away by car.

Would you like to know more?

Call Tranemo Municipal Authority on + 46 (0) 325-57 60 00

Postal address:

Municipality of Tranemo
SE -514 80 Tranemo

Visiting address:

Storgatan 26, Tranemo

E-mail kommun@tranemo.se

General rules about moving to Sweden

If you are moving to Tranemo, which is part of Sjuhärad, from another country it is good to be well prepared. Below we have selected some information that we hope can be helpful to you. General information about Sweden will be found at the official Sweden portal www.sweden.se

EU citizens have the right to work and live in Sweden provided they are able to support themselves, either by work or by other independent means. As an EU citizen you must register your right of residence with the Swedish Migration Board within three months of entering Sweden. For detailed information on rules and how to register please visit the website of the Swedish Migration Board. www.migrationsverket.se

The Swedish Population Register and Swedish ID number

If you move to Sweden and intend to live here for a year or more, in most cases you are required to register with the Swedish Population Register. The Register is managed by the Swedish Tax Agency and once you have registered your right of residence with the Swedish Migration Board, you apply to your local Swedish Tax Office to enter and receive a Swedish ID number. The ID number is a necessary part of daily life in Sweden and is used in all transactions with authorities, shops, estate agents etc. For information on population registration in Sweden please visit the website of the Swedish Tax Agency. skatteverket.se  Click on “International” in the right hand menu


Responsibility for healthcare rests with Västra Götaland Region (see more information on the region below), which is one of Sweden’s largest employers, employing around 44,500 people in the healthcare sector. Sweden’s entire population has equal access to health care services. The Swedish health care system is government-funded and heavily decentralized. In Sjuhärad we have a community health care center and a public dental care center. Southern Älvsborg Hospital (SÄS), located in Borås, is one of four hospital groups within the region of Västra Götaland. The hospital provides care services for the residents of Sjuhärad and several other municipalities. www.vgregion.se

Social insurance system in Sweden

Social insurance is an important part of the Swedish social security system. To be covered by or be eligible for a social insurance benefit, you must, as a rule, either be resident in Sweden or work here. www.forsakringskassan.se

Region Västra Götaland – the region which Tranemo is a part of

1.5 million people of some 130 nationalities live in Västra Götaland’s 49 municipalities representing 17% of the overall Swedish population. Geographically, Västra Götaland is one of the largest regions in Sweden with an area of ​​24,000 square kms. Gothenburg is the largest city and the center of growth in the region. www.vgregion.se

The Sjuhärad district

The Sjuhärad district has 259 000 inhabitants and constitutes a vital part of the region of Västra Götaland. Its proximity to Gothenburg and Landvetter International Airport gives the district a strategic strength. The Sjuhärad Association of Local Authorities consists of the municipalities of Bollebygd, Borås, Herrljunga, Mark, Svenljunga, Tranemo, Ulricehamn, and Vårgårda. The municipality of Varberg is adjointed to the association. www.sjuharad.se

Buying property in Sjuhärad

For advice and guidance on buying a property in Sweden see the website www.hemnet.se Sjuhärad is part of the region called Västra Götaland. Through Hemnet you can get in touch with our local real estate agents who are happy to assist you further.

Working in Sjuhärad

For information on finding work in Sjuhärad or in the surrounding municipalities, please visit the Swedish Employment Services website. www.ams.se

Starting your own business in the Sjuhärad district

The Sjuhärad Region Association of Local Authorities along with Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA) provide tailor-made solutions free of charge for foreign companies who desire to establish or expand their business in our region. The Sjuhärad Region Association and ISA support companies with information about land and premises, recruitment, contacts, networks, tax information and everything else they need for a successful investment. The Sjuhärad region consists of nine municipalities located in south west Sweden. www.sjuharad.se/invest-in-sjuharad-.html

School information

Sjuhärad offers a wide range of preschool and general school services of high standard located both in the town itself and in the surrounding villages. You can study up to upper secondary school within the municipality. Universities and colleges are found in several surrounding cities such as in Borås, Jönköping and Gothenburg. To find out general information about the Swedish school system you can look at the home page of the Swedish National Agency for Education. It is the central administrative authority for the Swedish public school system for children, young people and adults, as well as for preschool activities and child care for school children. www.skolverket.se



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